Flooring contractor case study

Initial project situation

Targeted market: multiple locations in the US.

Website age: 7 years

Keywords difficulty: medium to high

Link profile was not on zero level, but on average, it was in 2-3 times weaker than average link profile of the competitors in the SERP top 10.Understanding that quick profile growths risks, we have decided to acquire incoming links slowly and only the highest grade level links.There are some improvements that needed to be done on website, mostly related to the content.

What was done?

Internal Improvements

  • Consolidation and rewriting of almost all blog content.  Initial articles were short (300-500) and not really helpful and informative.
  • Solving tech problems such as increasing of the website speed and some CMS-specific nuances.
  • Removing “low quality” or pages with almost absent content from Google index.
  • Reducing of 404 error pages by redirecting some of the 404 pages to existing pages with 301 redirect
  • Fix external broken links with 301 redirect
  • New clear and helpful text for homepage with high readability level. At first, there was almost no text on homepage
  • Local SEO for multiple locations
  • On-page content adjustment

Ongoing guest-posting and link acquisition

One of the most important issues in digital marketing is a risk of reduction. It means that we have to avoid any form of unnatural links, links schemes and other type of link manipulation. This makes SEO to activate the PR rather than link manipulation. Ranking and organic traffic became a side-wide effect of complex digital marketing.

But going deeper in details, what we did, is that we got dozens of publications on top and in the middle level of “home improvement”, “interior design” websites.  It requires some tech tricks to collect these websites and endless routine, that are related to the contacting website owners\editors\administrators. Also we made some helpful articles and guidelines, related to the “flooring” that were published externally.   It gives the highest grade, topic-related, high authority incoming links and referral traffic.

As a result, we got the growth of link profile from 102 to 148 referring domains by August 2016 (by Ahrefs)

UPD: Current amount of referring domains – 235 (Jun 2017)


The results

Positions growth