SEO-Friendly structure for Golf Accessories website

Initial situation

This golf retailer website was moving from outdated ASP platform to Magento and wants to have a better and more SEO-friendly structure.

What we did:

Deep and detailed keyword research

  • The most difficult part is to find the balance between search popularity and search competition level
  • Keep in mind current inventory structure and business goals
  • Cover additional keywords and variations
  • Remain realistic: take into consideration the website authority and it’s chances to rank high enough with additional keywords

New category structure

  • Keep pages from old websites, natural traffic of landing pages
  • New pages created according to discovered opportunities
  • Short content created for 30 category pages

SEO-safety moves to another CMS

  • New onsite optimization according to the keyword research
  • 301 redirects for all previous category pages, each redirected to the relevant new version
  • 301 redirects for each old product page redirect
  • Only one website version, canonical URLs and other improvements to prevent the duplication of the content.


  • Fixed external broken links
  • Post-release SEO-audit

The Results

Once the new version has been indexed, the natural traffic increases drastically, approximately on + 45.69%, and the revenue from natural traffic is around + 114.85% (comparing the month before release and the month after release).

October 2016 update

Proper and well-planned structure able to make some magic: organic traffic keep grows in October (+40.74%)