Why Hire LDA as your WordPress Development Company

Our WordPress team are experts in the platform.  We have deployed 100’s of WordPress websites and are happy to work with you in whatever capacity is required.  For some businesses that might mean full cycle (planning through deployment) and for others it might mean assisting with ongoing website maintenance and feature enhancements.

We understand that the WordPress development process, terms, and technologies can be confusing at times, but we are glad to take the time to explain them in a way that is comprehensible.

We are local to Los Angeles and we love to work with local businesses, but we do work with businesses from Santa Monica to Van Nuys, Studio City, Culver City, Pasadena, and beyond.

We’ll show you the ins and outs.  Before your website goes live, we can provide training sessions so you have the knowledge and understanding to manage your website through the WordPress admin tools.  We can provide this service via remote screen-share from the comfort of your office or we can travel to your office.

Get in touch with us so LDA Interactive can help you with your next WordPress Development project.

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We Develop Custom WordPress Designs to Makes Your Business Unique

While we will gladly build websites using purchased themes (where required), the large majority of websites we build use custom designed themes that we create for you. First, one of our talented designers will create the design comps and revise as necessary to your liking.   Second, our coder will write the necessary code to build a functional and responsive theme. Third, our developers will install and configure WordPress, install purchased and custom written plugins, and create the functionality website pages.

We build only what is necessary based on the design and functional requirements, so the theme is “lighter”.  There is no unnecessary and unused functionality, templates, or plugin add-ons that can slow down the website and complicate future updates.

Business owners can sometimes be hesitant to use a custom built site theme because they believe it is more expensive than a purchased theme. This can be true in some cases, particularly for those with minimal design requirements and relatively few pages.   The mistake that some make, however, is to purchase a theme and make excessive edits in the pursuit of getting it perfect which can end up costing more than a custom theme design in the end

Let us know your requirements and we can help you make an assessment on whether a purchased or custom theme would be a better approach for your WordPress website.

Here is Some of Our Recent Work

Considering a WordPress website for your business? Call us for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

The Benefits of the WordPress Platform for your Business

WordPress is an open source website platform written in PHP. We believe it is one of the most powerful CMS (content management systems) currently available in the open-source community.  According to W3Techs, roughly 500+ new sites are being built daily and the top 10 million websites on the web are powered by WordPress. Large enterprise organizations such as Tech Crunch, Bloomberg, Sony, Disney, MTV, BBC, Variety, and many others.

We’ll start with outlining some reasons why WordPress might be a good fit for your business

#1 It’s a Cost-Effective Approach

In general, developing your business website with WordPress is a very cost-effective solution.  With a minimal budget you can purchase a responsive theme, install a demo, and make some light modifications to have a great looking website in just hours.  Depending on your project requirements WordPress might not be the most ideal platform.  You might require an enterprise-level solution, like Magento Commerce. Setup a call with us and we can advise you.

#2 Easy to Add Website Features

There are a plethora of plugins available that will allow you to extend the core functionality of WordPress and add new features within minutes.  The WordPress development community is very active so the possibilities are endless and the pricing is very competitive for plugin licenses. You can find plugins for features like: email marketing automation,online communities, accounting integration (Freshbooks, Quickbooks, etc.), site speed improvements, security, spam prevention, site analytics, ecommerce, order fulfillment, and item inventory management .In the event that the feature or integration you need is not readily available you can hire a WordPress developer (like us) to write a custom plugin for you. We understand that choosing which plugins are necessary (and stable software) can be overwhelming for most people, but we’re here to guide you through that process.

#3 Easy to Manage With Limited Technical Ability

If built properly, you will be able to manage your new WordPress website pages, forms, content, images, and blog posts with little technical expertise required.  Some compare the editing tools to using Microsoft Word. A WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tool is use for managing the insertion and formatting of the page text, images, videos, etc.  

Additional tools like Fusion Builder, a page builder for WordPress, allows for building complex page layouts and managing the responsive functionality of elements without writing and code.

#4 Plays Well With Social Websites

Choosing from a large selection of plugins, you can easily integrate features like automated blog posting to your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.  With plugins like Yoast Premium, you can also set what title, description, and image you want to appear when people share your website pages via Facebook’s OpenGraph,Twitter Cards, and Pinterest’s Rich Pins.  Other social integration features include: share/like buttons, feeds, embeds, comments, and much more.

#5 SEO-Friendly

WordPress generated page code is consistent and without excessive HTML code.  This makes indexation easy for Google and other search engines. If you add on some other essentials of search engine optimization via plugins your website can quickly make its way up in search results positions. Just remember that you need to take a proactive approach with your onsite SEO.  Don’t always assume that default configurations are going to be most beneficial towards your SEO strategy.  Many times additional configuration and even custom changes are required to get the most optimal outcome.

#6 Security

If you stay current with your software updates, keep your access credentials secure, and use some basic security plugins, there is a very low percentage that your website will be hacked.  Some of the security features you can add include things like: 2-factor logins, file scanning, malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, security hardening, firewalls, and brute force attack protection. Please note that WordPress, like many other mainstream CMS software, is not totally secure with a default setup.  Some additional configurations need to be put in place to ensure maximum security.

Not sure if your WordPress website is secured? Call us for a free 15 minute phone consultation.


We’ll Help You Stay on Top of Software & Security Updates

WordPress is an ongoing project that is always expanding with features and finding ways to be more secure and more efficient.  Failing to stay current with WordPress software updates can make your site a target for hackers.

As with any software, there is always going to be occasional bugs.  They may not directly affect your website or you may not even notice them.  Staying current with software will ensure that any outstanding bugs which have been patched by the WordPress community are no longer an issue on your website.

Major releases of WordPress also includes new features which are designed to help you and make using the software more productive and feature robust.  Take advantage of it!

We Avoid the WordPress Website Development Don’ts

WordPress like all other platforms require best practices to be followed when building websites in order to achieve a stable and scalable final products that is easy to manage and easy to update software.  Make sure you hire an experienced WordPress developer or it could be a costly mistake.

This is just a short-list of some of the don’ts:

• Don’t modify core WordPress files.
• Don’t directly modify your theme, use a child theme.
• Don’t cheap out on your hosting.  Make sure the server configuration is meeting the minimum requirements (at least) for WordPress.
• Don’t use duplicated content.  Both on your website pages, and on pages that you maintain on other websites.
• Don’t leave media files opened for indexation by search engines.
• Don’t forget to implement site backups and security.
• Don’t overuse plugins.
• Don’t forget to optimize your site speed.
• Don’t use copyrighted photos
• Don’t forget to enable site indexation.
• Don’t forget to install your analytics tracking code.

We Will Speed up Your WordPress Website For Better User Experience

Website performance (speed) is crucial for both user experience and SEO.  Typically mobile devices will have slower internet upload/download speeds than desktop (which mostly now use cable or fiber optic connections), so it’s important to be mindful of site speed to ensure mobile users also have a good experience on your website.  According to Stone Temple, 63% of all traffic in the US is now on mobile devices. If you neglect what could be the majority percentage of your website visitors, you could do tremendous damage to your business.

Website Hosting
We will consult with you on your website hosting plan to make sure that it meets at least the minimum requirements to run WordPress.  There are also add-on features like a CDN (content delivery network) which can give your site speed a boost.  A CDN stores a cached version of its content in multiple geographical locations so it minimizes the distance between a website visitor and your webserver.  As a side benefit, a CDN can also provide distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation.

Image Optimization
Image optimization can help in improving page load speed because by compressing the image size, it reduces the total page download size.  There are various tools which can help you in analyzing your page load speed like Google PageSpeed Insights and GT Metrix.  You can find the bottlenecks and consult with a WordPress developer to address them for you.  There are also plugins that you can use to optimize your images on the fly as you add them in the WordPress admin.

Page Cache
Every time a website user requests a web page via their browser, the server hosting the website performs various actions.  It loads images, executes external scripts, grabs information from the database, etc.. In most cases, the information which is required to be processed and loaded by the server will be exactly the same for a large number of requests. By using page caching, the server “caches” or saves a copy of the page, instead of re-processing the same request each and every time.  There are various plugins that you can utilize to enable this functionality, and even software that can run directly on your web server. This is absolutely critical for good website performance, especially on high-volume websites.

Don’t Use Resource Hogs
Some plugins can consume excessive amounts of resources.  Make sure you use a tool like we mentioned above to identify whether you have any big resource consumers.  There are some social plugins which make calls to 10’s of API’s (even when unnecessary) that can cause a major slowdown on your website.

Enable Gzip Compression
Gzip allows your web server to provide smaller file sizes which load faster for your website users.

Minify CSS and Javascript
Minification analyzes and rewrites scripts, style sheets, and other components that are used to display the webpage.

Not sure if your WordPress website is optimized? Call us for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

We Also Help Our Clients With Ongoing SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization for WordPress Websites

Once you get your WordPress website developed, there are some other ongoing services that you might consider to make sure your website is maximizing it’s traffic and converting on your goals or objectives.

We Makes Your WordPress Website Completely SEO-Ready

While default WordPress installations will still start you off in the right direction, there are some additional steps that are required to ensure that your website is truly optimized for organic website search indexation. We offer a Technical SEO (search engine optimization) auditing service that includes a comprehensive website review, a punch list of items which should be edited/updated to ensure maximize SEO results, and a list of other recommendations that can be completed over time to further your SEO ranking efforts.  If you aren’t happy with your current search rankings, we’d love to help! Get in touch with us so we can complete a free SEO review on your website and share our findings.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Linkbuilding

Successful website starts from properly selected keywords, but the most important – learning and understanding user intent behind this keywords. Once we are clear about this – proper structure should be created. It’s like a frame or bones of all project. Than it is easy to create content that meet two goals: it is satisfy the intent of potential clients and it is semantically relevant.  

We can take care of this by going a bit deep into your business model and learning who is your clients and what are the intent behind there needs.  

WordPress can be SEO-friendly by default, but in most cases – required plugins are not installed and properly configured. There are so many options to choose. Moreover –  technical optimization should be a part of your marketing strategy and follow your business goals.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Let me ask you – what is the best way to increase profit without spending more of marketing budget? Right – decreasing of the Customer Acquisition Cost and its can be achieved by ongoing CRO process.  

We setup all required Goals tracking from early beginning, so, one you need to conduct CRO – you have all date. Moreover we can do CRO for your project, as we successfully did it for several other projects.

Website Analytics Can be Tricky – Let Us Help

As an additional option – we can take care of interpreting Google Analytic data and conversion statistics in to assumptions, valuable to make data-driving business decisions. For example – segmenting your users by demographics and we can suggest the most valuable audience for various Ads campaigns.

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