Ongoing SEO and Local SEO Strategy

100% White Hat Approach

An effective SEO strategy requires more than just link manipulation and changing meta tags. It requires a comprehensive plan which covers public relations (PR), social media marketing (SMM), website performance optimization, user experience improvements, website content improvements, and much more.

Better Organic Search Ranking is the Result of

  • -Presenting the content of your website effectively
  • -Your online marketing activities, including participation
  • -Engaging your visitors with better content

SEO is: Making Your Website Better

Better Website Performance. Your website has to load as fast as possible, especially on mobile.
Improving your site speed improves user experience drastically. It’s been proven in many studies that delays in website interactions and content loading increase bounce rates drastically. Even search engines appreciate a website with good performance.

Better Content. The era of getting quick ranking with “SEO text” is long gone. Articles with low value will have no positive effect and might even have a negative impact. A high-quality content approach will produce results.

Better Structure. Your website structure should deeply reflect your products inventory or services to cover the best key-phrase variations. Sometimes smart changes to a website structure are able to bring a 40-150% increase in organic traffic. Better website structure planning allow you to target the right keywords and be more relevant.

Should Be a Safe Place. It should be protected from any kind of viruses, malware, or hacks in general. You need to protect your visitors. Search engines appreciate your efforts in making the web a better and safer place and will award you with some ranking bonuses.

SEO is: Building Your Online Authority Externally

Motivate people to write about you online or mention your website. This involves some creativity, but if you do so – your ranking will goes up naturally.

  • Be active online – participate, be present in every place where your client is. By doing so, incoming links to your website will increase naturally and make it rank better because search engines still rely on external opinions and mentions about your website.

Here is a Rough Overview of Our Process

On-Site Strategy

Competitive Analysis – We take a very thorough look at the competition to see exactly what level of effort they have put into their SEO (search engine optimization) and determine the level of effort involved for us to overtake them in rankings.

Keyword Research – We’ll do thorough research to identify the most strategic keywords for your campaign. Those that will drive the highest search volume, have the highest CTR (click through rate), and keep your CPC (cost per click) down.

Website Speed Optimization – Website performance is very important and when your load time takes too long you will likely lose some points in your SEO ranking. We’ll make sure your website platform and hosting plan is properly optimized.

Meta Tag Optimization – Updating your website meta tag data based on the set of targeted keywords for your campaign.

Title Optimization – Changing the title tags as well as the H1, H2 and H3’s.

Content Optimization – Making sure all the content on the pages matches the keywords being targeted without exceeding the SEO standard for keyword density.

Mobile Responsive – We’ll make sure your website is responsive so that not only will you support a larger audience of devices but even more importantly so you wont lose your rankings in mobile search.

Off-Site SEO Strategy

Content Writing – Adding relevant, keyword-rich content to your website as needed to make your website more relevant which will translate into higher rankings.

Social Media – Getting your site into the social stratosphere is a vital component to Google’s algorithm.

Link Building – One of, if not the MOST important effort is knowing how to effectively link build under the top search engines Guidelines.

PPC Campaigns – If the budget is there, instead of waiting for Google to rank your site, get immediate targeted exposure via PPC while your organic SEO efforts are underway.

Blogging – Fresh unique content within your site will go a long way.

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